Key Responsibilities across Career Span

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As Founder & Co-Partner:

Set up & managed organization for rendering financial and business developing consultation for a bid list of customers in the Egypt and Middle East Market

Rendered strategic inputs related to operations, collated customer requirements as well as market dynamics for retaining/ enhancing existing market share

Set up sales plans based on competitive analysis and market trends for accomplishing business targets. Developed rapport with existing clients and prospects for identifying/ developing new business opportunities

Negotiated with clients & other stakeholders in evaluating ROI on change requests prior to implementing the same across project phases

As Advisor to Governor:

Render consultancy to the Governor of Matrouh on various investment & development activities based on evaluated market dynamics and other related factors

Attracting international investments for more than 12 billion USD for Matrouh, working as the international coordinator and organizer for the confernace, getting the government plaque

Spearhead activities related to implementation of operational and investment plans to maximize ROI and accomplishment of business targets

Lead team efforts in planning, implementation/ evaluation of organization’s programs and services aimed at rendering qualitative service delivery

Define / implement standards, controls, systems, procedures and regular evaluation for maintaining program quality as well as organizational stability

As General Manager / Executive Manager:

Implemented day to day management decisions and business strategies aligned to collated market intelligence on competition and other market trends

Prepared & ensured compliance to organizational budgets. Optimized resource utilization and streamline processes for enhancing operational efficiency

Guided team members in closing critical or major business deals with potential impact on organizational revenue. Built new revenue and marketing channels aimed at enhancing revenue generation for the organization

Focused on enhancing organizational expansion plans & policies based on changing market dynamics and other related factors

As Regional Manager / Business Developer:

Develop rapport with key decision makers across existing client/ prospect organizations for effectively closing identified business deals

Rendered strategic inputs related to operations, collated customer requirements as well as market dynamics for retaining / enhancing existing market share

Assessed effectiveness of plans with regards to turnover, profit and share of marketing volume aimed at maintaining organizational bottom lines

Collaborated with external agencies and local business groups for enhancing brand awareness across the target market segment